Empowering leaders to drive meaningful change and create a lasting impact through innovative strategies and effective decision-making.


Advisory, Research & Support

Our network offers expertise in various domains: commercial, legal, regulatory, and technical. We provide comprehensive research and analysis to derive valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

Our services extend to supporting organizational change and fostering team development. Additionally, we excel in addressing challenges related to acquisitions, due diligence, and integration. We also serve as a reliable ongoing sounding board for continued guidance and support.


Analytics & Technologies Studies

We have extensive experience delivering clear, actionable studies in data and technology strategies. While our expertise encompasses location analytics and GIS, it extends beyond these areas.

Our assessment studies provide insights into current situations, uncovering issues and opportunities. We develop strategy options and outline them in detail. Additionally, we meticulously plan and allocate actions required to achieve desired outcomes. With a proven track record of delivering strategic thinking, our services empower organizations to make informed decisions and drive effective implementation.


Impactful Business Investments

Talav is an established investor specializing in IT, analytics, medtech, and foodtech.

Our investment services focus on seed and early-stage equity funding. In addition to financial support, we offer valuable management expertise to guide and assist our portfolio companies. Through our experiences, we have learned from both successes and failures, enabling us to make informed decisions. Our driving force lies in achieving commercial success while simultaneously making a positive impact on society. We are committed to supporting ventures that align with our mission, combining profitable outcomes with a broader societal contribution.

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