Building on Experience – The Origins of Talav

Talav Investments & Advisory has been quietly active for a number of years, supporting the build of new companies and on occasion investing in their growth.  The company now puts its head above the parapet and presents its expertise for the benefit of organisations who seek to plan and implement growth and change.

Founder and Principal, Gearóid Ó Riain, previously was co-founder and Managing Director of Compass Informatics which has grown to become a leading analytics company in Ireland and the UK primarily but also the European Union, U.S. and South Africa. In that role Gearóid built the company, undertook company reorganisation and ownership changes, and led acquisition and integration actions.  He also formed and drove teams, established market presence through both challenging and opportune external times, and delivered advisory work and consultations to many clients from government departments to private bodies.

Talav now is a trusted group of experts that can be called on to support ground-up thinking, the facing of challenges with clarity, and the emergence of growing organisations and future-ready teams.