BiaSol and the Circular Food Co make progress

Upcycling food products to tasty clean nutri foods is an important task but also a commercially successful one.  BiaSol with its retail and food service focus, and the Circular Food Co with its ingredients focus, is making progress at pace. Innovative product development has created a range of high fibre and protein foods based on spent brewer grains. Sales are growing in corporates and hospitality; in smaller independent and larger multiples stores; and partners are growing in the food manufacturing and baking sector.

As the company prepares for a funding round to support its growth and product plans, Talav continues to actively support the company through investment and Board input.

See and Try out the granola, the oat bars in various flavours, the protein pancakes, baking mixes. This is good tasty food with clean labelling and great carbon credentials too.

Contact us or BiaSol if interested in partnering.