Advisory studies deliver clarity and action

Talav continues to undertake advisory studies that typically combine organisational insights with technology and data strategies.  Importantly each study delivers achieves clarity and alignment for the client organisation, and sets out a clear strategy and clear action plans. Each study and engagement is delivered respectfully but does not shy away from discovering and discussing core challenges, and indeed great opportunities. The last place an advisory study sits is on-the-shelf.

Recent studies include a private sector company seeking insights on where new market opportunities lay and the actions needed to ready itself for those opportunities, while another was focussed on getting over challenges and making the most of the data resources in the public sector organisation. Ongoing advisory inputs to start-ups continues too as these young companies sift through day-to-day challenges while ensuring the right future strategies.

Supporting technical skills and services are also provided to supplement internal teams in the delivery of strategies and action plans. These include business analysis; technical and data analysis; systems development across web, mobile, Cloud; data and database design, structuring, and analysis; plus domain expertise from our network of partners. Business supports are also available from our network and extensive contacts.

The starting point in any discussion is simply an initial call or in-person meeting, a conversation regarding objectives and study approach, and a setting out of expected timeline and resources required.

Contact Gearóid on [email protected] or 00353 87 2902343 (mobile / cell).